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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hooray for Knobs!

What inspires you?  Is it a picture of a whimsical bedroom, or a distressed drawer on a dresser?  Do you get giddy over throw pillows and paint finishes?  Stacey and I took a trip to one of our favorite inspiration stores today....Hobby Lobby.  The entire store is droolworthy and we could easily get lost for hours in the aisles of awesomeness--this being said, one of our most favorite aisles for inspiration is the knob aisle.  They have an amazing supply of colorful, gorgeous knobs (not your average Home Depot variety), AND TODAY THEY WERE 50% OFF!!!!!!!  SCORE!!!!!  Here's a sampling of our haul.
We could barely contain ourselves....oh the furniture we will create!  Honestly, knobs are as to furniture as shoes are to an outfit.  You can create a look based on a knob or finish a look with the perfect knob.  By the way, did you notice that we really love knobs?
Here is one of our current projects that will be receiving a set of new knobs and a few finishing touches.  Then, Viola! she will be ready for display and a new home.
We can't wait to reveal this beauty to you.  In the meantime.....

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