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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Long Overdue Bedroom Redo, Part 1

I started scouting Pintrest and various DIY blogs at the end of 2012 for some bedroom redo inspiration and I have to say that this has been one of the longest redo's ever.  It's still not done, but by golly, at least it's started!  I've decided to do this post in 2 or 3 parts because it's been quite the process and it's still not over!  Everything is finally starting to come together and I'm really glad that I took my time finding the perfect pieces (I've been a little bit finicky, fickle & cheap on this journey).  My inspiration for this project started with an unattainable (because it was way too expensive) comforter set. 

Inspiration pic of the Sardinia Comforter set by Echo that I would not spend $200 on!  No, this is not my new room!
Even though I did not like the price tag, I loved the bright colors and cheerful "airy" quality that this set exuded.  Thus, my bedroom redo mission has been to make my room look like those gorgeous pictures you see in magazines that seem to suggest that spring is eternally outside your window. 

Today, I began my morning by putting the finishing touches on my "new to me" his and her
nightstands.  I had given them each several coats of "Antique White" by Glidden a few days ago, so all I needed to do was give them each a coat of Annie Sloan's Soft Wax (love this stuff) and put the hardware back on.

Viola!  I've decided to call them "Romantic Romeo & Juliet" since they are going in my
master bedroom.
Why yes, I did wax them on top of my dining room table!
You would think that my favorite thing about these nightstands is their curvy legs and pretty hardware, but no--I'm in love with the cut glass tops for these beauties! I see no more cup rings on my husband's nightstand in my future!  
After I finished with the nightstands and put them in my room, I dug out my doily collection (yes, I did say doily collection) and picked out a few pretties to be ironed and starched for my recreated space. 
I was the blessed recipient of a large quantity of doilies from my Grammie when she moved from her house to an apartment.  There is some serious history and craftsmanship involved with each one of these beautiful pieces.  Most of them have been handmade by my Grammie, great grandmother, friend of great grandmother, etc...  I'm so glad that I am able to continue their story in my new room.  
I can't wait for you to see how everything is coming together, however, I still have a few things to find and paint so you'll have to be patient for now.  In the meantime, I'll give you a few hints about what else is in store.

I painted this wooden pedestal dish in "Antique White" by Glidden, lightly distressed and finished with Annie Sloan's
Soft Wax.  Don't ya just love this too!

I also have a surprising pop of color on the horizon to give accent to my whites and greens.  It involves a feathered friend!  Can you guess what it is?  Bet ya can't!
Wishing you blessings,





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