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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nautical Neil: A Fun Dresser Up For Sale!

If you like color, you are going to love this piece.  Think beach.  Think sand.  Meet Nautical Neil!  He is a pretty boy that I know you will love!  Can you imagine him in a little boy's bedroom or a playroom?  He would definitely make a bold statement.  He is painted in a deep blue and a chevron pattern has been lovingly handpainted on his drawers.  He is distressed and waxed as well and made to look battered by waves in the surf!  This solid wood dresser is in excellent shape with four deep dovetailed drawers. 
He is simply irresistable!
If you are interested in him, please message us! 
Neil is $125.

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  1. Very cute ladies :D

    Stacey's Follower from Embracing Change,