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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The New Shelves Reveal

As promised in my post from yesterday, here is the reveal of my new bathroom storage shelves!  I started having second thoughts at the end of my post yesterday, but I'm so glad that I followed through with my spur of the moment project!

Here's the before pic of the tall white shelf that has been removed and given a new home in a spare bedroom for now...

And here's the after pic!  It's so much more spacious now and I am planning to start searching for the perfect chair, stool or table to put in the corner for some additional counter/storage space.  Shucks, I guess I'll just have to go shopping--after all, yard sale season is right around the corner!
Here's the before pic of where the new shelves are now residing...
And now, drum roll's the after pic of the new shelves!  I'm so pleased with how they turned out and I'm sure that I will rearrange them again and again before I'm totally satisfied with the "pretty" part.  For now, they will provide a lot of needed storage and function. 
I wish that I could give you a better idea of how they look over the toilet, but, like I said, my downstairs bathroom is teeny tiny and I was fortunate to get these shots!  My munchkins were laughing at me all scrunched up in the corner taking pictures of the toilet nook!  Maybe they were right...  It is pretty funny from their perspective!


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  1. Don't wear Sean out as I need him to save some energy to fix some things here :o)